Auvega Labs Inc. has established a profitable portfolio of integrated wellness assets to fund advancements in alternative medicine, supplements and psychedelic pharmacology.

Defining A New Asset Class

In 2020, AUVEGA plans to advance its pursuit of treatments underpinned by psychedelic substances through clinical trials; assembling the most compelling IP portfolio, clinical pipeline and drug development platform in the psychedelics space and Europe with a focus on Corporate Development and Finance.

Non – Hallucinogenic
  • Micro-dosing LSD/Psilocybin
  • MDMA


  • Psilocybin High Dose.
  • LSD High Dose.

Biosynthesis of Psilocybin

AUVEGA  plans to successfully biosynthesize psilocybin within our first 3 months of conducting laboratory experiments, with the objective of achieving scaled production of pharmaceutical grade psilocybin for clinical settings.

Solution For The Opioid Crisis 

A transformational approach to addiction based on the psychedelic substance Ibogaine.
Downsides Upsides Cardiac Toxicity Risk Long Hallucinogenic Experience Schedule 1
Safer than Ibogaine (psychedelic substance) Cardiac Safe Non Hallucinogenic Not a Schedule 1 Substance.